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Team Building Activities In Orlando

Maybe your team just can’t take one more virtual happy hour. Or, maybe you’re looking for a way to bring the remote workers together after the pandemic. Either way, the great news is that in-person corporate events are back, and there are so many great team building activities in Orlando!

Team building activities promote good communication, trust among colleagues and, most importantly, some fun and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for an activity that is pure fun or a half work, half fun retreat, here are some of our favorite team outings in Orlando.

Unleash the team with axe throwing

If your team needs to release some steam, what’s better than axe throwing? Each team member can take the spotlight in the axe throwing bay and try their hand at hitting the targets, and everyone else can kick back, enjoy some food and drinks, and cheer them on. Here at Elev8 Fun, we offer a 2-hour unlimited axe throwing package at our cutting edge (literally!) axe throwing bar. The Axe & Aim package includes delicious Mexican catering and unlimited non-alcoholic beverage service. You can also upgrade the catering options or add bar tickets. Additionally, Elev8 has plenty of space for your team to gather and meet before or after, if needed. This is a great way to try something new and connect with your team.

Take the team to new heights

If your team needs to get a bird’s eye view on a project, why not take them to a high ropes course? A tree top obstacle adventure is designed to teach trust, cooperation, leadership skills and overcoming fears. The courses typically feature obstacles like suspended bridges, tightropes, Tarzan nets and fun ziplines, all about 50 feet in the air. It’s a great way to break out of the comfort zone! There are several options all around Central Florida, so you’re sure to find the right fit for you.

Escape the day-to-day

The ultimate team building experience may be found in an escape room! If you’ve never been, escape rooms involve your team trying to solve a series of puzzles in order to get out of the themed room. There are usually options for all levels, and escape rooms will bring out the best in your team, promoting leadership, problem-solving, quick thinking, and camaraderie. Plus, whoever does escape will go back to the office with bragging rights.

Head to the battlefield

If you want the definition of teamwork, throw your team into the paintball arena. They’ll be suited up and ready to give their all for their team in no time! Paintball can unify your team by promoting leadership, communication, and healthy competition. There are many indoor/outdoor options, and many facilities offer food packages and the chance to debrief after to truly promote teamwork.

Let the chefs shine

Test out your team’s skills in the kitchen by having them try a cooking class together! A group cooking class can be a unique way to challenge individuals while increasing teamwork and communication. Plus, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor by dining together at the end of the class. What’s better than that?

Take it to the track

If you really want to get the adrenaline and competition flowing in your group, try go-karting! You team will get geared up and ready to go with the latest indoor go karts in Orlando with us at Elev8 Fun. With our Adrenaline Rush package, they’ll first test out their skills with a 5-lap qualifier. Then, based on their placements, they’ll put it all on the line with a 15-lap endurance race. See which of your team members takes the checkered flag and reaches the top of the podium! 

No matter what you choose, team building activities are an essential part of any successful organization, and Orlando has more than enough options to choose from. Whether you’re looking to improve communication, build trust, or simply have some fun, there’s an activity that works for every team.

At Elev8 Fun, we understand the needs of our corporate groups, and we love serving them! There’s nothing like seeing teams come together after a day of fun. Ready to revitalize your regular meetings? Give these options a try, or contact us here.