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Sanford's Home for Indoor Entertainment

Electric Go-Karts

Fun To
The Max!

Elevate your racing skills to new heights with 360 Karting’s next generation of tracks. Designed with one goal in mind - maximum fun - these custom tracks are a testament to European innovation and engineering. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other as you navigate through twists, turns, banks, ramps, and curves that will leave you craving for more.

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elev8 go karts


Arcade Fun
Your Way!

Remember the best arcade you stepped into? Well we stepped it up. Elev8 is bringing you the best ensemble of video arcade games ever assembled. From racers to shooters to redemption to simulators, we’ve got you covered, and then some.

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Roll Into Fun
And Strike It!

You’ve never bowled like this before! With a wide range of balls for your perfect throw and a selection of shoe sizes, we’ll gear you up and get you ready to bowl! But the average bowling experience stops there. Our lanes feature an interactive system that takes bowling to the next level.

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Laser Tag

For Battle!

Welcome to the heart-pounding world of neon-lit stealth battles! Picture yourself in the midst of an intense game, where every move counts, and the thrill of the chase electrifies the air. The tension builds as you inch closer to your objective, adrenaline surging through your veins. And then, the moment arrives.

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Mini Golf

Lucky Putt

Everyone knows mini golf or putt-putt. Especially here in sunny Orlando, there are so many spots to try out this favorite pastime. But when the summer sun is beating down or the afternoon showers are pounding, hitting the mini greens might be the last thing on your mind. At Elev8 Fun, the weather doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying mini golf!

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lucky putt

Omni Arena

Get Inside
The Game!

We set you up on our cutting-edge omnidirectional treadmill and outfit you with the latest virtual reality technology. This allows you to move around the virtual reality game environment. Battle zombies, robots, and even your friends in the virtual landscape of our various games.

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Ropes Course

Higher Levels
of Fun!

Prepare to take your outdoor experience to new heights with our next-level SkyRail obstacle course and thrilling zip-line. Our ropes course is designed to challenge and excite adventurers of all ages and skill levels. Navigate through a series of thrilling obstacles, suspended high above the ground, that will test your balance, agility, and courage.

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Unleash The Fun With
Unforgettable Group Events


We had the opportunity to dine at Elev8 this evening, the very first day the kitchen was open! We got burgers and a salad and it was all very tasty. The burgers were of good quality meat, cooked to our liking and the balsamic glaze dressing on the salad was superb! Fries and buns were fresh and crisp. The menu is limited at this time, and my salad was served on a plate with paper which made it difficult to eat but our food was fantastic, server and manager was friendly and attentive. We’ll be back next time to check out the games.

Stephanie S.

Elev8 Sanford is an incredible place! We would give it more stars if we could. Not only do they have something fun for every person in a family or group to do, but their staff goes above and beyond to make experiences memorable. And their chef and food are top notch - we were so impressed with their gourmet pizza, macaroni and fries. AND the icing on the cake is that their management team is generous and so kind to go the extra mile to love on local foster and adoptive families who are loving kids from hard places. ❤️

Commission 127

This place is incredible, fun for all children, teenagers and adults, it has games, bowling, crazy cars, arcades, golf, rappelling and more, all divided by sections, it is incredible to spend a few hours both in the day or at night of pure adrenaline, the food is delicious, an elegant place, attractive for all ages, children’s have a great time and adults also become children, and bowling time is beautiful.

Miosotis Bravo