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Your Quick Beginner’s Guide to Bowling

No one is born a pro bowler! It takes plenty of practice to get good at the game. Whether you’re bowling for fun or want to do it competitively, there are some basic things that all bowlers should know. Ready to take your bowling knowledge and skills to the next level? Keep reading for your quick beginner’s guide to bowling.

Pick the Right Ball

The 10% guide is a must when choosing a bowling ball. Ideally, the ball should weigh no more (or less, really) than 10% of your body weight. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, don’t grab an 8-pound or a 16-pound ball. Instead, you’ll likely have the most success using a 14 pounder.

When holding the ball, make sure that the finger holes aren’t too big or too small. There should be a little resistance, but not too much, when removing your fingers from the holes.

Perfect Your Stance

Your stance has a direct impact on your success at the lane. Your bowling stance should be relaxed, with a straight back and a slight bend at your knees. Keep your body balanced, and always keep your head up with your eyes on the pins.

Choose an Approach

Either you’re a slow bowler or a fast bowler. See which one feels most comfortable to you! A fast approach means beginning with the ball at chest level, which allows for a long swing before releasing. On the other hand, a slow approach starts with the ball at your waist or upper thigh level for a shorter swing.

Control Your Power

Bowling requires you to put some “oomph” into your swing without overdoing it. You need to get enough momentum on the ball so it quickly travels down the lane to knock over the pins. But, using too much power could send your ball into the gutter.

Your Quick Beginner’s Guide to Bowling – Come Roll With Us at Elev8

Experience the best bowling in town at Elev8 Fun. We have 12 full-size Qubica AMF lanes, and we even have bumpers and ramps to help beginners feel more comfortable.

Stop in today and nail a strike, and be sure to check out our bundles pricing for discounts on multiple activities!