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What You Should Know Before Bowling for the First Time

As a bowling novice, you may not know what you should expect when you hit the lanes. The good news is that even if you’re new to the sport, bowling is extremely fun and entertaining. Here’s what you should know before bowling for the first time!

Even Beginners Can Have a Ball

Even if you’re just bowling for fun, the game is much more interesting when your competitive side comes out to play. What’s great about bowling is that anyone can be good at it, even if you’ve never bowled before!

The Right Shoes Are a Must, and You Can Rent Them at the Bowling Alley

Like most sports, bowling requires special shoes. These shoes have slick soles that allow you to easily glide on the lane. This allows for a much wider range of body motion, which is key for achieving a smoother motion to get the ball racing towards the pins.

Choose the Right Ball

Don’t fall into the trap of picking up the first bowling ball you see, or the one that looks the coolest. Bowling is all about choosing the right size ball. Pick one that is the right weight and fits your fingers just right. It’s better to choose a ball that feels just a little too heavy versus one that is too light.

Study Ahead of Time

Many people assume that good bowlers simply toss the ball down the lane with unlimited force and strength. However, successful bowlers find a happy medium. Using too much power is just as bad as using too little.

Watch some videos online to get a good idea of the form and motion you should be using. This way, you can hit the lanes prepared.

What You Should Know Before Bowling the First Time? Choose Elev8 Family Entertainment Center in Sanford for Hours of Bowling Fun!

There’s no better place to get your bowl on than Elev8. Here, you’ll find 12 amazing full-size Qubica AMF bowling lanes, along with shoes, balls, bumpers and ramps to make your experience a fun and memorable one. Stop in today, or book a party for a special occasion such as a birthday to reserve your lanes!