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Is There a Trick to Axe Throwing?

Over the last few years, axe throwing has continued to grow in popularity. And while the art of throwing an axe at a target may seem simple, many find that it’s harder than it looks. But, is there a trick to axe throwing?

If you are ready to beat all your friends at axe throwing and make sure you stick it every time, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the scoop!

Is There a Trick to Axe Throwing? Here Are 4 Tricks  for Everyone From Beginners to Seasoned Stickers

1. Find your sweet spot.

The first step in axe throwing is figuring out where to place your feet. Ideally, you want to be about 12 feet from the target. Always stay behind the throwing line. When throwing the axe, step forward with your non-dominant foot. The goal is for the axe to revolve once before it hits the bullseye.

2. Grip the axe at the base.

Hold an axe at the bottom like you’d hold a baseball bat. Avoid gripping it too high on the handle, as this will prevent the rotation that you want.

3. Perfect your throw.

Start by bringing the axe straight behind your head. With the proper grip, throw the axe straight forward. Be sure that your wrists  remain locked. Once your arm is extended forward, release the axe!

The most common mistake people make is flicking their wrist when throwing. If you play any other sports, imagine throwing an axe like you’d throw a baseball or a soccer ball using both hands.

4. Stay in sync if you have a bay partner.

Many bays have two targets, which means two people will be throwing axes at the same time. Timing is crucial here! Make sure that you stay in sync with your bay partner. You don’t want to distract each other, especially when there are super sharp objects flying!

Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack and Hit Your Target Here at Elev8

Now that you know the ins and outs of throwing an axe, come put your skills to the test at Elev8! We take axe throwing to the next level with Lasertron technology. Play games like Connect 4 and Tic-Tac-Toe, or throw a real axe at laser-projected targets. Stop in today, or book an event with us now!