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Here Are 3 Common Go-Karting Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’ve hit the track just a few times or more times than you can count, go-karting will always get your adrenaline pumping. There’s nothing more exciting than having the freedom to go as fast as you want. Even if you’re an expert behind the wheel of an everyday car, this doesn’t always translate into being a go-karting pro. The experience is vastly different! Below are three go-karting mistakes to avoid to maximize your speed and time on the circuit.

Go-Karting Mistake #1: Not braking hard enough

Braking is one of the trickiest skills to master in a go-kart because it’s the opposite of what you’re taught in a traditional car. Soft braking and go-karts don’t mix! Because brakes only act on the rear wheels, hard braking is a must.

As you reach the apex of a corner, gradually release them to ensure a smooth ride. 

Go-Karting Mistake #2: Too much hand movement on the wheel

Another common go-karting mistake is hand movement on the wheel. Unlike everyday cars, go-karts have extremely sensitive steering. Don’t fall into the habit of letting your hands move while driving.

Instead, always keep them symmetrical. The 9 and 3 position is ideal. This gives you precise control, which greatly improves your reaction time.

Go-Karting Mistake #3: Overly Aggressive Steering

The key to being fast behind the wheel of a go-kart is precise steering. Mastering your steering makes for a much smoother ride. Turning the wheel too sharply, known as an understeer, causes the front of the kart to slide.

A smooth, gradual turning of the wheel is the best approach. This prevents unexpected sliding or jerking and keeps the kart going exactly where you want it to go.

An Amazing Go-Karting Experience Awaits You At Elev8!

It’s all about driving smarter not harder. By avoiding these go-karting mistakes, you can make the most of every lap!

Race your friends, or set your next personal record at Elev8. Our custom designed track maximizes fun and is built with twists, turns, and ramps for a thrilling ride every time!