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Avoid the Gutters With These 3 Beginner Bowling Tips

Bowling is all about knocking down as many pins as you can, but it’s not as straight-forward as it may seem. As a novice bowler, there are all sorts of nuances and beginner bowling tips to know before lacing up your shoes.

Here Are Three of the Best Beginner Bowling Tips to Help You Avoid the Gutter so You Spend More Time Celebratory Dancing and Less Time With Your Head in Your Hands

1.Choose the right ball size

Bowling alleys have dozens of balls to choose from. And while it may be tempting to just pick the one that looks the coolest, weight and size matter! The average woman should bowl with a 11- or 12-pound ball. Men typically have the most success with a 14- or 15-pound ball.

Weight aside, what’s more important is finding a ball that offers a snug fit. A heavier ball will naturally knock down more pins, but improperly fitting finger holes will send your game into the gutter quickly.

Find a ball that has holes that are slightly bigger than your ring size. If you find that a ball isn’t giving you the grip you need, swap it out!

2. Don’t use too much force

Many people fall into the trap of walking up to the lane and throwing the bowling ball as hard as they can. Putting too much muscle into your swing does more harm than good! Too much force typically means slower, erratic throws.

By implementing this beginner tip, you’ll find that your swing naturally becomes more relaxed and balanced. This is key for hitting strikes.

3. Line up your shot

The dots and arrows at the beginning of the lane aren’t decorative! They exist to help bowlers line up their shot. While most people aim for the center, you’ll want to move around to find your sweet spot.

Right-handed bowlers should aim for the second arrow to the right. From there adjust your position based on your ball. If your shots are going far left, move left and aim for the same target.

Your Lane Is Waiting for You to Strike at Elev8!

With these beginner bowling tips, you can improve your bowling skills and maybe reach the coveted 300 club!

Experience the finest bowling in the area at Elev8. Here, you’ll find 12 full-size Qubica AMF bowling lanes along with a wide selection of balls and shoes. Reserve your lane, and let the strikes roll.