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5 Tips for a Memorable Laser Tag Birthday Party

Whether you’re planning a birthday party for a kid or someone who’s a kid at heart, your party NEEDS laser tag for a memorable event. A laser tag birthday party can be entertaining for all ages – it’ fun for everyone! Here are five easy tips and tricks for success!

Tip #1: Use Bright Decorations

If laser tag is the theme of the birthday party, match your decor to fun neon colors of the lasers! If you’re going to have goody bags, adding things like neon gummy candies are sure to seal the deal.

Tip #2: Get the Laser Tag Birthday Party Package

A package deal will ensure you get everything you and your guests need for an ideal event. Packages can help make your birthday party a little bit more personal, since you can include private time in the arena.

Tip #3: Brainstorm Game “Extras”

Everyone enjoys a game of laser tag, but coming up with ways to make it more exciting will make the attendees remember it forever. It could be something as simple as added freeze tag to the game to something more complex like elimination for stepping in certain areas. Or, you can even make it an adults vs. kids match! 

Tip #4: Send Out Personalized Invitations

While it may be easy to send out an email or even a text message letting other people know the date and time of the party, sending out personalized invitations that fit the theme can make it extra memorable.

Laser Tag Birthday Party Tip #5: Name Your Food

If you’re going to food at the party, create names for them that fit the theme and decorate them accordingly. Things like pretzel sticks could be called laser beams after being dipped in icing the colors of the lasers. Make it fun and creative, and you’ll have everyone talking about your party for a long time! 

Tag, You’re It! It’s Time to Call Elev8 to Book Your Party!

Whether you’re trying to plan a laser tag birthday for yourself or someone you love, you want to make sure that everyone in attendance will remember it. At Elev8, we want to help you with all of your party planning needs. To set up your date and time for your special event, give us a call today at 407-777-2876!