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5 Ideas for Rainy Day Fun for Kids

If you have kids, you know how frustrating the rain can be for them, limiting the activities that you can do as a family. Here are five ways to have rainy day fun for kids, both big and small, at the #1 amusement center in Sanford!

1. Arcade Games

Who says playing at the arcade has gone out of style? Thanks to advancements in technologies (and prizes!), arcades are more exciting than ever before. Affordable, fun, and competitive, spending time at the arcade is a great way to kill some time and stay out of the rain.

2. Axe Throwing

For the adults and older kiddos in the crowd, exciting and competitive axe throwing should be on your radar. Land your targets, see who has the best aim in the fam, and keep score with this challenging activity!

3. Bowling

Bowling is a rainy day classic. This highly interactive activity is suitable for all ages, available in a variety of game modes and challenges. Bowling is another fun way to keep you and your family safe, dry, and engaging in some friendly competition!

4. Laser Tag

Another classic if you’re searching for some rainy day fun, laser tag is an engaging activity with tons of obstacles, landscapes, and more to get your blood pumping. Whether you’re in the mood for a 1v1 or up to 15v15, laser tag has you covered, so blast away!

5. Virtual Reality

One of the coolest technological advancements is virtual reality cutting-edge VR arenas offer a directional treadmill for easy movement and a ton of virtual landscapes, equipped with their own unique challenges and leaderboards. Experience zombies, robots, and more, even in outdoor landscapes where you won’t be caught in the rain.

Bonus Tip: Visit Elev8 Fun for the Ultimate Amusement Center Experience and Rainy Day Fun for Kids!

Don’t let a rainy day get you and your family down! Say goodbye to the gloom and doom of rain, and plan your visit to Elev8 Fun today! We have plenty of activities, plus an awesome restaurant, for some rainy day fun for kids.

Contact us at 407-777-2876 to learn more and plan your visit!