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4 Ways to Have an Action-Packed Birthday Party

Nothing is more thrilling than a birthday party at a family fun center! Your ways to have fun are almost limitless and with some creativity, you can truly have an action-packed birthday party. Here’s how!

Plan, Plan, Plan!

There is a very good chance you’ll want to rent a private room for your birthday party. If so, get that reservation on the books as soon as possible. You may or may not need to pay a deposit, so have that ready too. 

Sending invites? Get them out well in advance. Planning to have a bowling party? Ask invitees to RSVP with their shoe sizes. This way, you’ll have that list ready and won’t have to waste time trying to figure it all out during the party. 

Take advantage of all that your party package has to offer. Does it include food and drinks? Pre-loaded game cards? Can you get a discount on add-ons? Find all of that out in advance. 

Will you have a large group of people attending? If so, it might be a good idea for everyone to wear the same color shirt or hat so it’s easier to find everyone in a crowd. 

Lastly, your action-packed birthday party might have several different mini-events. Make them interesting! However, find out the rules for the family fun center to make sure you don’t break them. 

1. Bowling

For decades, bowling has been a tried-and-true fun activity for all ages. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for a child or an adult, there are ways to make the game just a bit more interesting. You can combine bowling and Bingo with unique, custom cards. 

For laughs, try this. Write down silly tasks. Lay them to the side face down or put them in a hat. When a person knocks down an odd number of pins, have them draw a silly task. Or, have anyone who bowls an even number choose a task. Maybe they have to wear two hats on their next turn. Maybe they have to do a little dance. The goal is to make laughter and memories!

2. Rope Courses

This is a great opportunity to push people just a tad outside their comfort zone. Rope courses offer your group the chance to work as teams. Use barrels, log platforms, and hang walls to elevate your birthday party fun! 

As an example, create a log platform challenge. Two people must work together to trade places on the log without stepping off the log or falling. Maybe even print bravery certificates to hand out to all the players!

3. Laser Tag

You can make laser tag super fun by introducing game ideas. Try creating teams. Make one person the leader and other team members security who must protect the leader! Or you could try a game of Survivor. Last one standing wins! A fun prize might be a few extra arcade game tokens. 

4. Go Karts

This one is obvious – a race to the finish line! Whoever wins gets a small trophy or ribbon. If you do choose go kart racing for your birthday party, make sure everyone is dressed appropriately and they follow the rules of the track. 

If You’re Interested in Planning an Action-Packed Birthday Party, Let the Elev8 Experts Help!

At Elev8, we’ve made party planning easy. Give us a call, and we’ll take it from there. Not sure which package will work for your party? We can help. We offer tons of immersive amusement experiences, so contact us at 407-777-2876 today!