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4 Reasons to Play Mini Golf With Your Kids

Mini golf is a timeless game that people of all ages can enjoy, especially youngsters. If you’re looking for a fun family activity that gets everyone outdoors, mini golf is a worthy option. There’s nothing more exciting than competing against each other when you play mini golf, taking a break from screens!

Here Are Four Reasons Why Should Play Mini Golf on Your Next Family Outing

1. It teaches patience.

Children are infamously inpatient. Unlike many physical activities, mini golf works in turns. Learning the importance of waiting and being considerate are key concepts for youngsters to perfect.

2. Mini golf is a fun form of exercise.

In a world of cellphones and tablets, it can be a struggle to break kids away from looking at a screen. While it is a game of patience, mini golf is often a hit with the younger crowd. The competition and anticipation that comes with the sport, along with having to walk the course, means that everyone gets to benefit from some physical (and mental!) activity.

3. It’s a social skill booster.

Drive by any mini golf course on the weekend and chances are that it will be overflowing with people. The course is a family-friendly game, which means there are sure to be plenty of other families present. This is a great way to make new friends and to learn the importance of sportsmanship and social etiquettes.

4. Mini golf supports confident decision making.

Parents often encourage their children to make their own decisions at a young age. Spending an hour or two at a mini golf course encourages independence and confident decision making. When playing, children have to choose a technique that works best for them while also figuring out how to get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible.

Come Play Around and Play a Round of Mini Golf at Elev8

Looking for amazingly fun mini golf in Sanford? Come check out Elev8!

Our indoor course means that the weather won’t stop you from having a great time. The course combines sounds, robotics, and custom effects for a truly interactive experience that the whole family can enjoy!