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3 Simple Bowling Tips to Boost Your Score

Like any other sport, the more you practice bowling, the better you get. However, if you’re a novice or simply want a solid foundation to build upon, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to learn about three simple bowling tips that will boost your score and your confidence when you hit the lanes.

Follow These Easy Tricks and Tips to Hit the High Score

It takes practice, but with patience and regularly using these tricks, you’ll be bowling strikes in no time!

1. Choose the Right-Sized Ball

The wrong size can send your game to the gutter. When it comes to choosing a ball, stick with the 10% rule. The ball should be around 10% of your body weight, with a maximum of 160 lbs or a 16-lb ball. You also want to ensure that the finger holes aren’t too tight or too loose. A good grip is needed for a good roll!

2. Check Your Stance

For a consistent ball delivery, always keep your shoulders square. Dropping your shoulders will often send the ball wide. You also want to keep your back straight, even though your natural instinct may be to have a slight bend to accommodate for holding a heavy ball. Last, keep your arm straight and close to your body. A slight bend is okay, just make sure that your inner elbow is pointed down the lane, not behind you.

3. Find Your Sweet Spot

Use the dots and arrows on the lane to figure out where you should aim the ball. Don’t just try to aim straight down the middle! Many bowlers start at the second arrow to the right. Pay attention to how the ball travels down the lane and adjust your starting position accordingly.

Put These Bowling Tips to Work at One of Our Convenient Elev8 Indoor Amusement Park Locations Today!

Now that you know some simple yet highly effective tips to take your bowling skills to the next level, come put them to good use at Elev8! We have 12 12 full-size Qubica AMF lanes for you to enjoy. Book an event now, or stop in to play today!